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Plate's Back Acres Ranch is a small operation breeding raising registered ABCA Border Collies out of working stock as well as Black  Brangus cattle. We have also been setting up a honey bee apiary that we have been producing honey since 2018. Owned and managed by Michael and Robin Plate, the ranch focuses on breeding best of quality; each animal is very important and has a reason for being on our ranch.  At Plate's Back Acher’s we are passionate about our pursuit of excellence and our responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction.  With strict dedication and attention to habitat, feeding regimen and health care, it looks as if this will be yet another very good year! 

PBA Black Brangus Cattle

Brangus cattle excel in th​e most unpredictable and harsh environments of the world. 

They are a reliable polled beef breed that will add superior maternal attributes, longevity, heat and parasite resistance, sound udders and exceptional carcass yield and quality to  herd.  The Brangus genetics produce market cattle that grow rapidly and efficiently and add profitable pounds of weaning weight to their calves.  They excel in the pasture produce a tender, high yielding beef product with optimum levels of marbling
Brangus bulls will add profitable hybrid vigor to a commercial herd and the females make superior replacement heifers.

​HISTORY OF IBBA How It All Began A review of the development of the Brangus breed would take us back beyond the founding of the American Brangus Breeders Association in 1949; however, registered Brangus descend from the foundation animals recorded that year or registered Brahman and Angus cattle enrolled since then.  Registered Brangus must be 5/8 Angus or Red Angus and 3/8 Brahman, solid black or red and polled. If you are interested in calves please text for availability 210-682-3759 for Michael.


 PBA Border Collies

Our goal is to provide healthy, quality animals you can train to work stock, demonstrate agility, serve as family pet/companion, or therapy dog.  We maintain 17 breeding females; we are expecting great puppies this year.   First of many priorities is to raise healthy puppies with an ability to work cattle and a family friendly disposition.  Color is not important to most, it is a preference, we have several possibilities for different colors.  Breeding decisions help to ensure these priorities as well as our work to develop early human bonding.  Just a bit of further training goes a long way with this breed's natural instinct to herd animals.  Our pups are exceptional because of everything we do to prepare them for the world.  Puppies are lovingly handled daily, when they are 3 weeks their eyes open, we supplement the diet with goats' milk and dry puppy food, they still have access to their mom for nursing.  When they are able to move around, they are taken outside to get used to being in the grass and have room to run and develop their bodies.  3 weeks continues interaction with toys to tug, and pull we provide many different types of toys with sound and textures to stimulate their senses to help them with reaction to things in their environment.  At 4 weeks old puppies undergo health care treatments including and Second worming.   At 6 weeks, puppies get their first vaccination and another worming treatments.  Puppies go to their new homes when they are eating well on their own, typically around 6 weeks.  Puppies' registration you will need to pick a name for your puppy and put your address on the paperwork to receive ABCA registration in the mail when you puppy pickup.  

DEPOSITS:   One of the first questions that I am always asked is how to secure a puppy for your family. I do require a $300. non-refundable deposit on my puppies This is part of the total cost of pup. I accept certified checks to Robin Plate, cash, and Zelle money transfer (mine references my email:  Once I receive a deposit that allows me to take the puppy off the websites that he/she is advertised on and we move forward with getting the puppy ready for your family with weekly updates of puppy pictures, and growth progress.

If your puppy needs to be shipped, you will need to set up and pay the shipper you choose.  Some of the companies that have picked up here before are: Transporter Tanisha 512-881-2221 check her out on Facebook . If you would like a health certificate it is an $60.00 extra charge you can send with the deposit, there is a health guarantee (if your vet finds health problem with puppy) with any puppy, you may return puppy and pick from another litter or wait till another litter is born.  If you want breeding rights puppy is $1,200.00

Our Cattle is sold mainly to families that want exceptional meat in the freezer. we sell by weight of cow not the cut of the meat, so it is cheaper than the stores. Price of cow in figured by the price of the market at the time of sale.  When calf is feed out to the right size around 8 months, we take it to the butcher in Poth, Texas You then call them and tell them how you want it cut up, and thickness of the stakes, and what cuts you want. You pay us for the cow and pay the butcher for cutting the meat, and deep freezing it for your pickup.  If you are interested purchasing a heifer, or being placed on a  list for beef (half or whole calf) contact by text Michael Plate 210-682-3759.

Puer Honey is sold at our ranch by the pound $15.00, pound and a half $20.00. beginning part of the season we get wildflower honey, later we get Mesquite honey. The honey is delicious, but it also has healing powers too. Our grandsons use it for their allergies. in 2022 I will be experimenting with candle making, soaps, lotions, and lip balms. maybe in the future I will sell to the public?