The next litter will be black and white, red and white, and blue and red merle's 

born May, June, and July 

If you didn't find what you are looking for today call or text 210-392-7305

to make arrangement to get on the waiting list. 

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Zara and Drover

are expecting

May 19, 2021

color expected:

black and white

​blue merle

Mattie and Teddy Bear

are expecting

May 10, 2021

color expected:

red and white

red merle

text to be put on the list

Plate's Back Achers

Border Collies

PBA Border Collie puppies

            text to get on the waiting list & New Pictures  210-392-7305

merles are $900.00, black and white, red and white are $800.00

breeding rights are an extra $600.00, $300.00 of total cost to hold puppy is non-refundable deposit, you can transfer to a different puppy.  Stud fee: is $1,500. Or pick of litter. Female will need to be vet checked for sexual viruses.